The fall of Berlin – to the arms of a man.

Love is a mystery.


Love manipulates you – doing things you don’t know you could do

But –

How can I stop – my feelings – from falling from you

You are the blessing that I would never understand

The disaster I would dare to defy,

My love is strong – my love is manipulative – my love is passionate and clingy.

Berlin is a rare beauty – destroyed with guns and artillery.

Leave scars that no one would understand.

Berlin has a dark past, dark – dark past no one could handle,

That only an eagle with angelic wings could save the Berlin from fire and fury.

Berlin once loved by the fuehrer,

Obsessively – Possessively.

Sadly, innocent Berlin mistaken love for obsession,

The innocent socialist fortress is broken, not knowing that someday, she might heal.

One day,

In the midst of Hindustani people,

In the home of majestic dravidian temples,

One man, with bones of steel and fiery skin,

A man gifted with magic and sexiness,

Patiently – and slowly with all the tears and pain,

Dismantling the walls of berliner mauer.

He promised Berlin,

“when you burn down these walls, Princess – I will build a bridge for you – I shall heal your broken pieces and show you how I can love you – passionately”